What we do

The Proctors' Office deals with a range of functions. More information can be found below.

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The Proctors' Office reviews and investigates plagiarism cases.

Committee Attendance

Reviewing the application and observance of University legislation, policy and practice in governance and service delivery.

Behaviour after Examinations

Criminal damage caused by trasing after examinations.


Misconduct Formal Complaint

Student non-academic complaints regarding the conduct of another student or member of staff. The Proctors role is to investigate possible breaches of the disciplinary codes.


  • Late submission (i.e. extensions) of assessed coursework
  • Non-submission of assessed coursework
  • Missed examinations
  • Dispensation from the academic dress regulations
  • Mitigating circumstances for consideration of factors affecting performance received after the final meeting of examiners

Residency enquiries

  • Student migration for one college to another
  • Requests to live outside the residence limit
  • Residency terms

Student Clubs

Student associations - societies, non-sport clubs, sport clubs, and publications run by students for students can apply to the Proctors to register with the University.

Academic Appeals

This procedure covers appeals against decisions made by boards of examiners, academic committees or other bodies.

  • Error in decision-making process
  • Procedural irregularity
  • Any bias or perception of bias in the decision-making process

Student Complaints

The Proctors will consider complains raised by students under the University Student Complaints procedure in relation to:

  • University administrative and support services
  • University academic services and support

Proctors Officers

Deal with University events and coordinate with local Police and security services for VIP visits


Proctors Admission Day, Degree Ceremonies, Encaenia, Congregation