Committee for the Proctors' Office

The Committee for the Proctors' Office provides strategic oversight of the work of the Proctors' Office. It has overall responsibility for ensuring the Proctors' Office is supporting the Proctors and Assessor in carrying out their duties both effectively and with autonomy.

Terms of Reference

The full terms of reference for the Committee are set out in Part 6 of Council Regulations2 of 2004.

Schedule of Meetings

  • Monday 11th March 2019
  • Monday 16th September 2019
  • Monday 16th March 2020
  • Monday 21st September 2020
  • Monday 15th March 2021
  • Monday 20th September 2021


Name Conditions of Appointment Duration
Dr Ed Bispham
Brasenose College
Member of Congregation, Chair (appointed GPC) TT2023
Mrs Alison Sealey Clerk to the Proctors, Secretary ex officio
Prof Martin Maiden Senior Proctor ex officio
Prof Sophie Marnette Junior Proctor ex officio
Prof William Whyte Assessor ex officio
Vacant Member of Division (appointed by GPC)  
Prof Lesley Smith
Harris Manchester
Member of College (appointed by Conference of Colleges) MT2024
Vacant Member of College (appointed by Conference of Colleges)  
Ms Roisin McCallion
VP Welfare and Equal
Student member (appointed by Oxford University Student Union) TT2020


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