The Proctors' Office

The Proctors' Office is the permanent staff of clerks who advise and support the Proctors and the Assessor in their work.

The Proctors' Office Clerks act as caseworkers on individual cases, provide secretariat services to the Proctors and the Assessor across the range of their functions, and serve as the main point of contact for students and other University members for all enquiries, requests for advice and submissions of complaints, academic appeals and other applications to the Proctors.


The Clerk to the Proctors heads the Proctors’ Office, providing orientation and guidance to the two Proctors and the Assessor and ensuring that their strategic objectives are identified, developed, managed and delivered to their satisfaction. The Clerk is responsible for the direction and management of all administrative aspects of the Proctors’ Office and for its staff.


The office holder is:

  • Alison Sealey

The Deputy Clerks take the lead on complaints and conduct casework, contribute to associated policy development, provide advice on governance matters and deputise for the Clerk whenever necessary. They have extensive experience of casework and complaints management, and are both trained harassment advisors for University staff.


The office holders are:

  • Esther Villiers

  • Nicola Corani-Young

The Senior Assistant Clerks take the lead on academic appeals and plagiarism casework. They oversee the Assistant Clerks in their handling of casework and also deputise for the Deputy Clerks whenever necessary.


The office holders are:

  • Sarah Ashley
  • Maya Bindasova

The Examination Casework team take the lead on supporting the Proctors’ scrutiny of the application of the examination regulations, such as requests relating to extensions, missed examinations. They also support the Senior Assistant Clerks in handling other casework. They are the first point of contact for colleges, departments and examiners on examination matters and work in liaison with staff in Student Registry.


The office holders are:

  • Jonathan Gordon
  • Theo Papaioannou

The PA/Office Co-ordinator manages the diary for the Proctors and Assessor. They also take the lead on college migrations, residence requirements, and other regulations such as those covering academic dress, rowing, and overseas activities relating to student clubs.


The office holder is:

  • (vacant)

The Deputy Marshal/Principal Proctors’ Officer leads the Proctors’ Officers under the general oversight of the Clerk to the Proctors and the operational oversight of the University Marshal/Head of Security Services. The role takes the lead on liaising with local police and local authority officers, and is the first point of contact for advice about referring events to the Proctors under the Code of Practice on Meetings and Events.


The office holder is:

  • Paul Halstead

The Proctors’ Officers are concerned with maintaining order at University events, in particular conduct at ceremonies and VIP visits to the University. They oversee a team of Assistant Proctors’ Officers and also handle certain types of student disciplinary matters on the Proctors’ behalf.


The office holders are:

  • Paul Franklin

Assistant Proctors’ Officers are individuals who are brought in to provide additional assistance at University ceremonies, events and VIP visits.


The Clubs Officer maintains the clubs register, involving the termly registration of over 200 non-clubs, societies and publications with the Proctors, is the first point of contact for all club-related issues including grant applications, and supports the servicing of the Clubs Committee.


The office holder is:

  • Clare Brennan

The six Bedels and the Verger play a prominent role in the University’s official and ceremonial occasions, which are an important part of its business, its traditions, and are a living reflection both of its long history and of the institution it is today. The Bedels attend upon the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellors, the Proctors and the Assessor, and other participating dignitaries on such occasions, and assist them and other University members to carry out ceremonial duties. Between them the Bedels attend around 100 separate occasions in a year.


The office holders are:

  • Bedel of Divinity/Lead Ceremonial Officer – Dave Paintin
    The Bedel of Divinity is the highest ranked Bedel and so leads the team, providing a link from the team via the Deputy Marshal to the Proctors and to the Vice-Chancellor and to other key University members.
  • Bedel of Law – Dave Yeatman
  • Bedel of Medicine – Gary Jones
  • Bedel of Arts – Caroline Barnes
  • Quintus Bedel – Dave Horner
  • Sextus Bedel – Pat Yeatman
  • Verger - Alan Slater

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