Residence Forms

Migration (DOC) Apply for a student member to migrate from one college
to another
Residence limit (DOC) Apply for an individual student member to live outside the residence limit
Residence terms
Apply for an undergraduate student member to be
dispensed from up to three terms' residence

Complaints & Appeals Forms

Academic Appeal form
Appeal against an assessment decision on procedural grounds.
For further information please see the guidance notes.
Academic Appeal Review
request form (DOC)
Request a review of a Proctor's decision on an Academic Appeal
Student Complaint form
Make a formal complaint about a University service provided to you as a student
Complaint review request
form (DOC)
Request a review of a Proctor's decision on a Student Complaint

Academic & Non-Academic Misconduct Forms

Plagiarism Referral
Form (DOC)

Form for departmental use only


Misconduct Form

Report form for Proctors 
No contact order No contact agreement form

Mitigating Circumstances Forms

Extensions For college administrators to request an extension to a submission deadline on behalf of a student via Student Self Service
Extension Request
For students who have a short-term illness or fluctuation of a chronic condition to request an extension to a submission deadline, without seeking medical evidence, via Student Self Service
Late Submission For college administrators to apply for a candidate to be excused from a late penalty for late submission of coursework via Student Self Service
Non-appearance Apply for excusal of a non-appearance at an examination
Mitigating Circumstances

Submit notification to examiners of mitigating circumstances
in an examination

Withdraw & Resubmit Department Request This form is for departments to complete when a corrupt file is received.
Late Mixed Mode Exam Request This form can be completed by colleges or students for late submissions of mixed mode exams within 48 hours of the submission deadline.











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