5. Residence

Part-time and non-matriculated students are exempt from residence requirements.

For most degrees and other qualifications, other students are required to reside in or around Oxford for a proportion of each term to meet requirements set out in regulations.

5.1 Number of terms of residence

You must be resident for at least six weeks in each term of your course (the number of terms being dependent on the degree, the subject and the candidate’s status). The Proctors may excuse you from part of statutory residence because of illness or other reasonable cause. Applications must be made through your college office.

Research students may be granted dispensation from the requirements to keep residence if it is necessary for them to carry out academic work elsewhere. To seek permission, contact your department.


5.2 Place of residence

Full-time matriculated students must reside within a specified distance of the University (defined by reference to Carfax Tower). The distances apply only during the period for which student members have to maintain statutory residence in order to meet degree or diploma requirements:

  • Undergraduate students must reside within six miles of Carfax, or within 25 miles of Carfax provided that you either:

     (i) hold the status of Senior Student

     (ii) already have an undergraduate degree from Oxford

     (iii) reside with your parent/guardian

  • Graduate students must reside within 25 miles of Carfax unless given special permission to work away from Oxford for a period (see 5.1).

You may apply to your college for dispensation from the residence limits. The college will apply to the Proctors’ Office on your behalf with a statement of support. A statement of support is also required from your department. Dispensation is granted only in exceptional circumstances. You should obtain dispensation before making any commitments. If you live outside the residence limits without permission you will not fulfil the statutory requirements and may not be allowed to enter for examinations.


5.3 Accommodation

Colleges provide accommodation for undergraduate students during their first year of study and for at least one other year of their course. You can choose to move out of college and live in student accommodation for some of your time studying at Oxford.

Many colleges provide accommodation to graduate students. The Graduate Accommodation Office can help if college accommodation is unavailable or not of the type needed. Private accommodation can be found using the Student Pad search and OUSU Living-Out Guide.