Download from this page the forms needed to make a request or a submission to the Proctors.


Feedback Give us general feedback to inform service improvements in the Proctors' Office

Complaints and Appeals Forms

Academic Appeal Form (63kb) Appeal against an assessment decision on procedural grounds
Academic Appeal Review Request Form (652kb) Request a review of a Proctor's decision on an Academic Appeal
Student Complaint Form (65kb) Make a formal complaint about a University service provided to you as a student
Complaint Review Request Form (651kb) Request a review of a Proctor's decision on a Student Complaint


 Mitigating circumstances and Residence Forms

Extensions Apply for a candidate to be allowed an extension of time for submitted examination work
Migration (36kb) Apply for a student member to migrate from one college to another
Residence limit (40kb) Apply for a student member to live outside the residence limit
Residence terms (39kb) Apply for an undergraduate student member to be dispensed from up to three terms' residence
Non-appearance Apply for excusal of a non-appearance at an examination
Mitigating circumstances Submit notification to examiners of mitigating circumstances in an examination


The University template for medical certificates is available at

Alternative arrangements

EAP 12 (a) Apply for Alternative Examination Arrangements
EAP 12 (b) Submit supporting evidence for Alternative Examination Arrangements due to a specific learning difficulty (SpLD)